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Exposure to Legionellaceae at a hot spring spa: a prospective clinical and serological

published erratum appears in Epidemiol Infect 1989 Jun; 102(3):541

Bornstein N; Marmet D; Surgot M; Nowicki M; Arslan A; Esteve J; Fleurette J
Epidemiol Infect 1989 Feb;102(1):31-6

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Legionella gratiana sp. nov. isolated from French spa water.

Bornstein N; Marmet D; Surgot M; Nowicki M; Meugnier H; Fleurette J; Ageron E; Grimont F; Grimont PA; Thacker WL; et al
Res Microbiol 1989 Oct;140(8):541-52
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Balneatrix alpica gen. nov., sp. nov., a bacterium associated with pneumonia and meningitis in a spa therapy center.

Dauga C; Gillis M; Vandamme P; Ageron E; Grimont F; Kersters K; de Mahenge C; Peloux Y; Grimont PA
Res Microbiol 1993 Jan;144(1):35-46
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Characteristics of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from whirlpools and bathers.

Highsmith AK; Le PN; Khabbaz RF; Munn VP
Infect Control 1985 Oct;6(10):407-12
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Pseudomonas bacteremia developing after whirlpool bath

Hojbjerg T; Grove O; Rudiengaard PG
Ugeskr Laeger 1992 Nov 30;154(49):3510-1

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DF-2 septicemia following whirlpool spa immersion.

Holmes RL; Kozinn WP
J Clin Microbiol 1986 Mar;23(3):627-8
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An outbreak of pneumonia and meningitis caused by a previously undescribed gram-negative bacterium in a hot spring spa.

Hubert B; de Mahenge A; Grimont F; Richard C; Peloux Y; de Mahenge C; Fleurette J; Grimont PA
Epidemiol Infect 1991 Oct;107(2):373-81
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Duration of whirlpool-spa use as a risk factor for Pseudomonas dermatitis.

Hudson PJ; Vogt RL; Jillson DA; Kappel SJ; Highsmith AK
Am J Epidemiol 1985 Nov;122(5):915-7
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Predicting likelihood of gastroenteritis from sea bathing: results from randomised exposure.

Kay D; Fleisher JM; Salmon RL; Jones F; Wyer MD; Godfree AF; Zelenauch-Jacquotte Z; Shore R
Lancet 1994 Oct 1;344(8927):905-9
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A case of Legionnaires' disease due to aspiration of hot spring water and isolation of Legionella pneumophila from hot spring water

Mashiba K; Hamamoto T; Torikai K
Kansenshogaku Zasshi 1993 Feb;67(2):163-6

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Undesirable effects of spa treatments: apropos of a systematic, prospective spa surveillance study at Bagneres-de-Bigorre.

Montastruc JL, Dutkiewicz R, Llau-Bousquet-Melou ME, Lapeyre-Mestre M
Therapie 1999 Nov-Dec;54(6):669-73
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Pathogenic amoebae in natural thermal waters of three resorts of Hidalgo, Mexico.

Rivera F; Lares F; Gallegos E; Ramirez E; Bonilla P; Calderon A; Martinez JJ; Rodriguez S; Alcocer J
Environ Res 1989 Dec;50(2):289-95
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Pathogenic and non-pathogenic Naegleria and Acanthamoeba spp.: a new autochthonous isolate from an Italian thermal area.

Scaglia M; Gatti S; Brustia R; Strosselli M; Bernuzzi AM; Cevini C
Microbiologica 1987 Apr;10(2):171-82
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Nosocomial outbreak of Pseudomonas aeruginosa folliculitis associated with a physiotherapy pool.

Schlech WF 3d; Simonsen N; Sumarah R; Martin RS
Can Med Assoc J 1986 Apr 15;134(8):909-13

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Coliphages, viral indicators of contamination

Sebastiani Annicchiarico L; Pagnotta R; Caravaglio N; Paparo MG
Ann Ig 1989 Nov-Dec;1(6):1705-15
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Are hot tubs safe for people with treated hypertension?

Tae Won Shin, Merne Wilson, Thomas W. Wilson. CMAJ • DEC. 9, 2003; 169 (12)
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