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The effect of balneotherapy on ambulatory blood pressure.

Ekmekcioglu C, Strauss-Blasche G, Feyertag J, Klammer N, Marktl W.
Altern Ther Health Med 2000 Nov;6(6):46-53
University of Vienna Medical School, Department of Medical Physiology.
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Stress hormones liberated by fangotherapy. ACTH and beta-endorphin levels under heat stress

Giusti P; Cima L; Tinello A; Cozzi F; Targa L; Lazzarin P; Todesco S
Fortschr Med 1990 Nov 10;108(32):601-3

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A transient rise in plasma beta-endorphin after a traditional 47 degrees C hot-spring bath in Kusatsu-spa, Japan.

Kubota K; Kurabayashi H; Tamura K; Kawada E; Tamura J; Shirakura T
Life Sci 1992;51(24):1877-80
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Heterotrophic bacterial populations in the mineral waters of thermal springs in Spain.

Mosso MA; de la Rosa MC; Vivar C; Medina MR
J Appl Bacteriol 1994 Oct;77(4):370-81
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Observations on the effect of immersion in Bath spa water.

O'Hare JP; Heywood A; Summerhayes C; Lunn G; Evans JM; Walters G; Corrall RJ; Dieppe PA
Br Med J (Clin Res Ed) 1985 Dec 21-28;291(6511):1747-51
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Beta endorphin and stress hormones in patients affected by osteoarthritis undergoing thermal mud therapy.

Minerva Med. 2000 Oct;91(10):239-45.
Pizzoferrato A, Garzia I, Cenni E, Pratelli L, Tarabusi C.
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Effects of mud pack treatment on skin microcirculation.

Poensin D, Carpentier PH, Fechoz C, Gasparini S.
Joint Bone Spine. 2003 Sep;70(5):367-70.
La Lechere University Research Center, Joseph Fourier University, 73260 La Lechere, Savoie, France.
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Psychological and physical reactions to whirlpool baths.

Robiner WN
J Behav Med 1990 Apr;13(2):157-73
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Skin penetration of minerals in psoriatics and guinea-pigs bathing in hypertonic salt solutions.

Shani J; Barak S; Levi D; Ram M; Schachner ER; Schlesinger T; Robberecht H; Van Grieken R; Avrach WW
Pharmacol Res Commun 1985 Jun;17(6):501-12
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Experiences with bacteriological monitoring of pool water.

Schiemann DA
Infect Control 1985 Oct;6(10):413-7
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The effect of local heat and cold packs on the skin temperature at the knee joint.

Schmidt KL, Maurer R, Rusch D
Z Rheumatol 1979 May-Jun;38(5-6):213-9
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Microbiologic studies of mud for human pathogenic bacteria before and after balneologic use

Seefelder A; Schindler PR; Metz H
Offentl Gesundheitswes 1991 Jul;53(7):338-43

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Response to a series of carbon dioxide baths

Strec V; Dukat A; Aksamitova K; Adolf P; Stalmasekova B
Vnitr Lek 1992 Feb;38(2):148-54

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